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Terms and Conditions of Service

You may cancel your membership at any time by going to the "Profile" tab that is shown when you are logged in to the Website. For more details on cancellation, see section "Charges and Payment" below.

We reserve the right to suspend your access to and use of the Website or cancel your Membership effective immediately, without notice, and without prejudice to any remedy that the Company may have against you, if we:

  • do not receive payment of the annual subscription;
  • reasonably believe that you have breached any of these Terms and Conditions;
  • suspect that you or a third pary using your Membership, authorized or unauthorized by you, has been engaging in activities that interfere with the proper working of or place an unreasonable load on the Services’ infrastructure; or
  • suspect fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity by you or a third pary using your Membership, authorized or unauthorized by you.

For more details on termination, see section "Charges and Payment" below.

Charges and Payment

Your charges are determined by the annual plan to which you subscribe, as set forth on the GreaterThanZero signup page.

You will be charged annually in advance until your membership is cancelled. Any increase or decrease in the annual membership price caused by upgrading or downgrading to a different plan will take effect immediately. A pro-rata payment or credit, as the case may be, will be applied to your next scheduled payment or payments.

Charges for the first year of service are due upon signup. You can pay by means of any credit card that is accepted by Stripe, the payment processing service that we use. Your payment information will not be stored on or even pass through our servers. It will be sent directly to Stripe.

If you cancel your Membership, cancellation will be effective on the date of the next scheduled annual payment. If we suspend or terminate your Membership for one of the reasons set forth in the previous section, "Modification, Cancellation, and Termination of Your Membership", you are not entitled to a refund of annual charges already paid.

Your Use of the Services

You may use the Services only in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. You may use the Services only if you have the power to form a contract with the Company and are not barred under any applicable laws from doing so. You may not use the Services for anything that is unlawful or is prohibited by these Terms and Conditions.

When using the Services, you must not do any of the following:

  • upload files that contain viruses or any other software programs that may damage the operation of the Services;
  • engage in any activity on the Website that interferes with the proper working of or places an unreasonable load on our server infrastructure;
  • attempt to obtain the source code of the Services by any means whatsoever;
  • attempt to obtain access to any content that has been uploaded by another user of the Services, or any information that has been derived from content that was uploaded by another user of the Services;
  • upload files containing material that is protected by intellectual property laws or rights of privacy of publicity, unless you own or control the rights or have received all necessary consents.

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